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Untold stories of motorcycling icons


Richard Diehl was able to work with Udo Gietl to bring a rare BMW F750 back to its original race condition. Back in the early 70s BMW was known for its reliable, but not very exciting road bikes. Under the stewardship of Udo Gietl, this bike put BMW firmly on the sport bike map. This is the story of how RIchard Diehl found that bike and worked with Its original builder, Udo Gietl in bringing it back to life.

Quite A Ride with Ed Gilbertson

Ed Gilbertson is well known as Chief Judge Emeritus of the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance. Less known is his adventurous youth, his fascinating role in the missile deterrent program, and later his involvement with motorcycle culture. Ed has owned motor cycles and automobiles since the age of thirteen, ranging from his 'Hardly a Davidson', various British sports cars, the rare and important Ferraris for which he is best known. And most recently he has come full circle with his 1932 Henry Ford Roadster for which he won first in class at the 2023 Grand National Roadster Show. Here Ed tells his story, reflecting with enthusiasm and humility on a life that's been quite a ride.

Quite A Ride with Reg Pridmore

Reg Pridmore was the first AMA Superbike Champion, winning the series for the first three years of its existence: 1976, 1977, and 1978. He helped put BMW motorcycles on the map racing the F750 and R90S. Reg tells his fascinating story from beginnings in the UK, to his later successes in the USA. All new footage of his BMW F750 hitting the track for the first time after a painstaking restoration reminds us of the skill and daring that Reg brought to early Superbike racing.

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